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Point-of-sale Software Top Ten Mistakes to Avoid

Independent retailers have traditionally been technology laggards. This slow adoption of new technology has provided hidden benefits though. Economies of scale are achieved at larger retail stores and the new technologies become available to independent retailers at much lower costs. Today, independent retailers have access to point-of-sale systems with features comparable to large competitors. The [...]


Cash Registers – An Overview

Generally, you need cash registers to calculate and record the transactions of sales. That is why, they are an important device to have. Indeed, the previous ones were absolutely mechanical. They also did not print receipts. But, the modern ones are electronic. Even, they can perform various tasks. The well known manufacturers of these devices [...]


Point of Sale System Demonstration (CS-88850)

RACO Industries showcases the CS-88850 Point of Sale (POS) system which includes: touchscreen, receipt printer, scanner, cash drawer and pole display


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