Film Sensei: Cine City Matte Box Review – Today at the Film Sensei, Mat Nastos takes a look at a piece of filmmaking equipment from India, the Cine City Matte Box. Like a lot of you, I am on a pretty low budget when it comes to getting new equipment for my independent and guerrilla films — I just don’t have the money that bigger indie guys have to spend and I wind up spending a lot of time online searching for the right piece at the best price. Recently, I stumbled on to a place called the Cine City, which is a manufacturer of low budget (no budget) film equipment from India. In spite of being a bit hesitant about sending money to India for a product I’ve never seen in person, I went ahead and took the chance. Check out the video to see what I discovered about the low budget filmmaking equipment from India.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Film Sensei: Cine City Matte Box Review”

  1. daberk1234 says:

    Hey can i use this matte box on my Sony CX160

  2. rhyskallen says:

    can you attach a microphone or light to the hotshoe on the matte box cheers mate :)

  3. ozner760 says:

    will that works with the 7d hdslr camera?

  4. niftycomics says:

    If you check out my site, filmsensei (dot) com, you can find links for all of the individual pieces.

  5. aidemmediasolutions says:

    I got the mattebox that was around 200, for bigger sized cameras than yours….. I also got their follow focus…. great results… good quality…. I actually bought the indi focus, it got stolen and replaced it with the cinecity FF…. theirs was CHEAPER AND BETTER  !!!

  6. ngvgnDOTcom says:

    They are making a lot of movies in India, but outside of India most people never see them. I know they just made a Kung Fu movie from India, I really want to see, but forgot the name.

  7. johnnydphan says:

    you took like 3 mins before going into the actual product. we don’t wanna hear about how fast it got there, just get into the product faster. other than that, i appreciate the review.

  8. Bilal Karimbath says:

    This Matt box of CineCity is supposed to fit on DSLR cameras. Has any one tried camera like canon 7D or 5D?

  9. xtinafaye says:

    Cinecity’s shipping department is fast! Ordered Magic Stabilizer with flycam 6000 (stedicam rig) and recieved it 4 days after placing my order! From India to PA in 4 days!

  10. bouchandre says:

    I’m in quebec and I ordered a shotgun microphone from hong kong and it came to me in 10 days

  11. MajicPictures says:

    i’ve been looking for a matte box. great review, thanks a lot

  12. aeleonstudios says:

    Really late, but a matte box’s rimary function is to hold high quality 4″x4″ or 4″x5″ glass filters infront of higher end cameras, starting on old film cameras which had no other way to use filters. hope that helps!

  13. 12ampvacume says:

    you can but filters in it.

  14. iliketojumplargeobje says:

    Yeah fuck it dude, keep it real with the flip. HD for when you need to see sick shit. The review was like I was having a conversation with u. Nice one.

  15. na27der says:

    thnx 4 d video, man!

    i’d like 2 know if there were any other uses 4 this mattebox other than shading the lens 2 eliminate lens flare. some matteboxes r sold 4 more than $1300!!! that makes me think there must be some greater use 4 them!

  16. xiongba says:

    the audio is pretty good for a tiny thing.

    btw, do you happen to know if there is an external battery pack for the canon camcorders and XLR box? The idea is that it kicks in when the batteries go dead.

  17. xiongba says:

    keep the tutorials going. now waiting from india on the similar shoulder mount you are using.

    by the way, do you know of any low budget battery pack to power a rig like yours?

    Look forward to your rig in action.

  18. niftycomics says:

    Thanks! Yeah, the Flip cameras are incredibly easy to shoot, edit and upload. Since the videos I’ve done so far are just me sitting at my desk talking, the Flip does a good job.

  19. xiongba says:

    It aint the HD…its the content. who cares what he uses to get it online. The Flip does its job well getting the footage online asap.

  20. canonhv says:

    Yeah I checked out the TwoNeil and Redrock adapters both look great.

    I have been writing this one script for a few mouths now and I’m now going to start filming it tomorrow. I’m going to be using the Azden and beachtek for the first time can’t wait

  21. niftycomics says:

    Good question. Right now I’m just using a Flip camera for the reviews because it is so quick and easy to get things up to YouTube. I should probably start doing things a bit higher tech in the future…will have to see how long it takes me to get over my laziness. :)

  22. capturefour says:

    Love the videos,
    One question…

    When are we going to see you reviews in HD?

  23. niftycomics says:

    I’m glad you liked the videos! There is a lot more to getting a “film” look than just a 35mm adapter. Filters will help (black pro mist, for example), shooting in 24p, etc. There are a lot of 35mm adapters out there — The RedRock is a great higher end unit; the TwoNeil adapters are great and I’ve had some good experiences with them.

  24. canonhv says:

    Thanks for putting up these videos, it made it easy to find the equipment i needed for my HV20.Now I’m able to start filming my short film.

    Thanks again

    P.S. were can i find a good adapter for my camera, i want to be able to film and not have that home video look.

  25. muzafar001 says:

    Hello Mathias!

    Thank you for sharing the products!!!!
    They are certainly affordable!!!! I am saving up to got a few of the equipments.

    I am using HV30 btw

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