Tractor Tales: Oliver Row Crop 70

In this episode of US Farm Reports Tractor Tales, you meet Larry Mobley, of Wells Point, Texas. His Oliver Row Crop 70 is a classic beauty with all kinds of power. To learn more, visit
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  1. Dana Brinkmeier says:

    nice tractor….it was not the biggest at the time because they also had an 80 row crop that was one size larger..I had an 37 oliver 70 puller that dynamiter over 50 hp and has won many pulls in the 3000 &3500 class,,the 70 was rated at two plow although it would pull more in lighter soils as you have in Texas. Our heavy Illinois soiis would require 2-14 or 2-16 inch plows.We have a very active Oliver club here and there are many Olivers in this area of n> Illinois.Peace.

  2. 1990rsvert says:

    he is way wrong!!!! The merger was in 1929.

  3. reaper0587 says:

    The side panels got taken off because as good as the tractors themselves were, the side panels would cause it to overheat while working…all they did was make it “streamlined”

  4. VivianJudd says:

    There is a Row Crop 70 sitting abandoned in “downtown” Yeso, NM. Saw it on our way through NM on vacation last week. Obviously needs restoring, but I sure wish somebody who knows tractors and lives closer than TN would rescue it. I believe it has the seat this gentleman mentioned, and it also has a plow attached underneath it.

  5. HartParrOliver80 says:

    way off on his information but a nice restoration

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