Tractor Tales: Oliver Row Crop 70

In this episode of US Farm Reports Tractor Tales, you meet Larry Mobley, of Wells Point, Texas. His Oliver Row Crop 70 is a classic beauty with all kinds of power. To learn more, visit
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Gainesville Midland Railroad

Gainesville Midland Railroad footage shot in 1956 by Robert M. Soule, Jr. in and around Athens, Georgia. Impressive footage of GM Steam locomotive 208 and some of the 201 at times operating at speed over a rather light weight rail! I am glad everyone is enjoying the film. I hope that you all realize the loss of image quality is mostly due to the low quality google video format. The original film is very sharp and clear. That said, I think I should also tell everyone that this particular film is one of my early attempts to transfer my fathers 16mm film to DVD and it has a lot to be desired. Some of the side to side movement in the film is not from the film but from my early transfer setup. I have since gotten rid of all the flicker, corrected for the keystone effect, the images are sharper, and the mask around the edge is gone. At this point, after nearly 2 years of work, I have the image transfer part of this project to an acceptable level. However, I am just beginning the audio portion of the project. My first few attempts have gone rather well but there is much more to be done. My ultimate goal, which was also my father’s goal, is to transfer in total the several hours of Gainesville Midland Railroad and Norfolk & Western 16mm film to DVD and at long last make it available to the public at a reasonable cost. I am not looking to get rich or retire from the sale of these wonderful old film images but it sure would be nice to make back some of the sizeable investment I and

A Girl Farming with John Deere 5055e & Massey Rd Baler

Girls can farm too says ti all. This video was to express my love for farming as well as our families. Also to make the point and show that we women can get behind the wheel of the big equipment, get a little dirt and do the field work like the boys can.
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