AK 47 Draco with tapco intrafuse set + truglo red dot 2012 zombie apocalypse training

a review about my ak 47 draco with the tapco intrafuse handguard and pistol grip set. plus a truglo redot sight.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “AK 47 Draco with tapco intrafuse set + truglo red dot 2012 zombie apocalypse training”

  1. beehasagun1 says:

    no, its 47 draco. i dont own this anymore.

  2. Louieprc1 says:


  3. beehasagun1 says:

    personally i hate fore grips

  4. beehasagun1 says:

    i sold this along time ago. i never shot it with the sights.

  5. Dick Inyerhole says:

    thought of getting an AFG?

  6. opiatebliss says:

    lmao we all did his mom dude quit bragging

  7. WildLifeGuy308 says:

    does your sight hold a zero 

  8. elloco541 says:

    2 people are zombies

  9. beehasagun1 says:

    it depends on what you load the grip with. you can shoot ham if you want. beans and peas are cheaper to plink with though.

  10. ALDEMP says:

    what kind of food does it shoot p-nut butter sandwhich or ham?

  11. beehasagun1 says:

    weed was a great idea. im gonna try pills too next time.

  12. thrasher956 says:

    i’d store my weed in it’s pistol grip, it’s a saw style grip, nice, i might consider getting one nigga g. thanks for the vid, nice ak.

  13. beehasagun1 says:

    i love when dick heads like you post dick head comments on my videos. also i did your mom.

  14. bjhale13b says:

    I love when someone who knows nothing about weapons post videos..

  15. kingbigdawg9 says:

    actually it becomes a SBR

  16. beehasagun1 says:

    no, its for food items. it comes in handy in a long fire fight.

  17. jhfowler1 says:

    that space
    is for a cleaning kit

  18. Michael Mays says:

    I had to do the same amount of filling of the foregrip on my mac 90 maybe a little more.

  19. beehasagun1 says:

    dont do it. it becomes an aow.

  20. Archangelshithead2 says:

    i think a front grip would make it illegal i have draco and was wondering about tha do you know?

  21. nyquildays says:

    Yes! LOL Jelly Belly Death!

  22. beehasagun1 says:

    id have to modify the barrel to accept the 1 oz beans. death by rainbows is harder then it seems.

  23. nyquildays says:

    Did ya shoot em?

  24. beehasagun1 says:

    the corrosive ammo turned the beans to mush. that got me mad.

  25. nyquildays says:

    And how can you have a bad day when you have jelly beans in your pistol grip!

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