iPhone Credit Card Terminal by iPhoneSwiper

An iPhone cradle that turns into a credit card terminal with a card swiper, an integrated thermal receipt printer, a mini POS system that links into a web-based gateway and sync real-time.
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5 Responses to “iPhone Credit Card Terminal by iPhoneSwiper”

  1. musicbizguy1 says:

    hello send me info on this product, jeffbest2010@gmail.com

  2. changchewsoon says:

    from the looks of it, i suppose it’s not EMV compliant then since it only reads magenetic cards and not chip based card?

  3. azwan1234 says:

    superb :)

  4. iphoneswiper says:

    Yes, that is true. What we have learned, is that most consumer are used to getting the receipt, and this give them best of both worlds.

  5. FirebrandNIRE says:

    If you email a receipt on site ins’t that giving an instant receipt? which the customer will instantly get on their computer, providing they have a computer of course.

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