IMPACT WRESTLING Post Show – Devon, Jack Evans, BFG Series Update

In the final post show before Destination X on Pay-Per-View this Sunday, we preview matches on the huge card as well as an interview with Jack Evans, who advanced to the X Division Contract match this Sunday after his amazing match on IMPACT WRESTLING. Devon also discusses the Bound for Glory Series, as well as what is going on with The Pope and warns him of what will happen if he is up to no good. Also, don’t miss out on Don West’s new Kurt Angle special at On Sunday, July 10, TNA presents “Destination X” live on Pay-Per-View and online at from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida! Come back to every Thursday for the IMPACT WRESTLING Post Show. IMPACT WRESTLING Airs Every Thursday on Spike TV at 9/8 CST, check for international listings.

25 Responses to “IMPACT WRESTLING Post Show – Devon, Jack Evans, BFG Series Update”

  1. IMPACTwrestling100 says:

    I miss red:(

  2. SKIPTRAX says:

    so is jack evans in tna or not?

  3. BocajPettit says:

    hows every one liking the new sting gig ??

  4. XTWIntensity says:

    No i wanna see somethin. I want a yes or no response and nothing else. Am I or am I not Eric Bischoff?

  5. ClutchKiller1 says:

    No and when did i say you were? or was i complaining to you about the product?

  6. XTWIntensity says:

    Tell me something, and this conversation won’t end unless you give me a striaght yes or no response. Am I Eric Bischoff?

  7. ClutchKiller1 says:

    Dude there not the only ones who changed guys name. TNA did it with the Bucks, so let’s not use such a stupid excuses cause at the end of the day, its still Bryan Danielson. And i know he hasn’t but they can still showcase footage so the people know who he is, and that he has been in TNA before and is now looking to make an impact

  8. XTWIntensity says:

    I don’t know. Why is WWE acting dumb by changing Bryan Danielson’s name to Daniel Bryan? Evans hasn’t been in TNA sence 2003 and he was only there for a couple months. Its not like he made enough of an “impact” during his original time there for everyone to remember him.

  9. tna420wrestling says:

    @ 6:46 He Says ” Final Destination ” thats a movie. there is Final Resolution, and Destination X . LOL , but still im lookin forward to this match,.,. and the ppv… for me.. this is the PPV.. at Final Destination . .

  10. JoelAwesomenessShow says:

    Lol! Right and i’m happy because i believe this is the first TNA video that everyone is talking peacefully about wrestling and no arguements and there is no WWE fanboy armies marching over here to attack people so that’s a great achievement. I’m relieved that we can have a decent convo on here without the fighting and pointless baffling. =)

  11. kakuichi says:

    well, if you think R-Truth is a silly name then when tna 1st starting doing its ppv shows his name was R-Krush I believe. He was also K-Kwik in wwe during his 1st run. Well, like I said …it’s open to interpretation.

  12. xangelo118x says:

    yeah, like i knew who he was and everything, and i was pretty pumped when he came to TNA but hes getting kinda old to me now. but regardless, this is the first PPV ive ever ordered, X Division ftw!

  13. kob456 says:

    Oh alright, I had no idea u were sort of new to RVD. I see where you’re coming from now.

  14. Spunkalish says:

    You mean Ron Killings, R-Truth is a silly name. He was the first black NWA World Heavyweight Champion in TNA, but he never held the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

  15. xangelo118x says:

    meh, i watched it, they are pretty good, i just dont really have an interest in seeing them. I never saw RVD before he came to Impact, ive only been watching wrestling for like 4 years, but im a loyal tna fan. so maybe its more the fact that the nostalgia factor isnt as strong for me. still, it should be pretty good though

  16. kob456 says:

    All you had to do was watch the 4way match between RVD vs. Lynn vs. AJ vs. Daniels on the last Impact show to see that both Jerry Lynn and RVD are able to keep up with AJ and Daniels and haven’t missed a step in the ring whatsoever. It’s not like both guys stopped wrestling after they last fought. Both guys have been consistent in the ring and have continued to wrestle consistently since ECW shut down. What would make you thing they lost a step? On Impact, I was impressed!!

  17. miguedro says:

    0 wwe kids so far

  18. JointManipulation says:

    sign Aries back ASAP….. you wanna make wrestling matter again? revitalize the x division. give the title a feud that matters and let them co-headline a regular ppv rather than just be the opening act. make a damn bfg series for the x division. give it some prestige. make it matter.

  19. xangelo118x says:

    @kob456 @xangelo118x yeah, i get like the nostalgia factor between them, but ive completely lost interest in RVD and as much as they have great chemistry its just hard for me to believe they can move like they used to. but, i hope to be proven wrong. as for Gen Me, i hope they keep them as a team for now, im not sure either one of them is ready to make it as singles stars yet.

  20. luiskyo1 says:

    tna sign the for guys in the ppv please renew your x division , you have there the future

  21. piscataway53 says:

    Final Destination? At least know the name of the PPV you’re gonna compete at -_-

  22. KeepItTrill100 says:

    I would love to see Jack Evans full time in TNA, but he’s super over in Mexico. Plus he’s a double champion right now, holding the Cruiserweight & Tag Team Titles

  23. kob456 says:

    I think one of Gen Me will challenge Doug Williams but as much as I like Gen Me, I would rather Lynn vs. RVD than them.

  24. trg1408 says:

    Jack Evans True BEAST i <3 it

  25. JusticePain666 says:

    Glad to see Ki back in TNA, hopefully he stays, great wrestler!

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