Paper Shredder Reviews: Romeo and Juliet

In today’s episode I’ll cover Romeo and Juliet, a misinterpreted timeless love story about stupid teenagers, swordplay and a drug-addled monologues. Figured that since today is Valentine’s Day I’d cover something romance related. Must make me look like a bit of a bitter, cynical recluse, huh? Ah well. This one’s much shorter then the Twilight review. I’m trying to find my ‘sweet spot’ in regards to timing. And I know I said I’d have someone else do this one. Yes, I lied. Sue me. The guy who was going to record experienced tech problems so I had to ford on with my POS equipment. Shouldn’t be too bad, though. The video on
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25 Responses to “Paper Shredder Reviews: Romeo and Juliet”

  1. ANewShadeOfBlue says:

    I agree. That is all.

  2. Rreptillian says:

    funny as hell man. givin you a sub.

  3. Darkheartdemon13666 says:

    Dude you have too do more of these you rock!!!!

  4. un0r1g1nal says:

    This! I still like Romeo & Juliet, great story and Shakespeare writes some classic lines in it, but that’s always been my problem. That it’s not about the true love. (The whole play takes place over like… four days! How is that true love?!)

  5. MrMagicDoom says:

    Plan on using this in a month or so for an assignment. You okay with that?

  6. SpraxIAKS says:

    Now it makes sense for I always thought Romeo and Juliet was retarded and that they were retarded.

  7. Casandraelf says:

    this…actually makes a lot of sense. thank you crowned daemon for making sense of it. i was wondering why in the nine hells people thought it was a love story

  8. LeonSKennedy828 says:

    I hated Romeo and Juliet, always did from my first watching.

  9. skittlesareyum48 says:

    It is supposed to be that they fall in love at first site, not b.c one is hot, and the other is a good kisser… so yes it is a “real” love story. Get it right dumbass. Besides I respect it as a classic work of literature, but I didn’t like it too much.

  10. erinnamccraneql721 says:

    The Twilight Movie is magnificent ! I watched it two times at this site twilight-now (dot) com twilight fans please message me!!!!

  11. songofgrayshadows says:

    I’ll be studying Shakespeare this summer and I’ll be on the lookout for his cynicism regarding love. As a side note, while Romeo and Juliet may be a satire, it can still be considered the pinnacle of a romance story. Romantic love in the basic sense is nothing more or less than physical lust rather than the deep connection between two human beings. Along with Shakespeare, James Joyce is famous for satirizing the romance myth in stories such as “Araby” and “Eveline”.

  12. SilhouetteSymphonies says:

    Yeah, that makes me mad too how people think it’s “Where are you, Romeo?”

    Instead of, “Why are you, Romeo?”

  13. TheManeatingchicken says:

    One word: ‘Othello’

  14. JSinuYasha says:

    THE TRUTH!!! thank you so much for this. =]

  15. TriTwingTwang says:

    I take off my hat to you good sir.

  16. poetoffire says:

    God, thank you. Thank you so much. If everyone considering basing their creations on Romeo and Juliet’s “forbidden, tragic love” watched this, the world would be such a beautiful place.

  17. xKapsuleCorp says:

    No, it doesn’t. But he satires love in many of his plays. Love is usually the cause of nothing but anguish for the character’s in his plays. Love not only consumes their lives, but often ends with them dying, killing someone, or going through a lot of ridiculousness before they can have what they love. It’s not based on the subject he wrote in, but HOW he wrote about love that proves the above statement. There’s a sonnet he wrote that details his thoughts on love, and it’s not flattering.

  18. songofgrayshadows says:

    Writing a satire on teen love does not automatically make someone “one of the most cynical men who ever lived when it came to romance”. If an author’s personality was based on what subjects they choose to write in, then Stephen King would be a twisted psychopath.

  19. songofgrayshadows says:

    I believe you and it makes perfect sense, but did you figure this out on your own or did you read/watch it from somewhere else? Sorry, but if, when, I share this argument with others, I don’t think they would be satisfied by “I heard it from a youtube video blogger”. Is there a source on Shakespeare’s cynicism on romance?

  20. lehua321 says:

    oh wow. I never realized this side to Romeo and Juliet. It always pissed me off, because teachers and friends would go on and on about how great it was, and what a beautiful story, and I’d get so…irritated, because I couldn’t see anything great about it. Romeo and Juliet are idiots, who get married a day or two after meeting each other and then kill themselves. I never thought of it as a satire. It makes so much more sense now. I might actually go read it again. Thank you, SO much.

  21. MoonIMover says:



  22. Xrogue9X says:

    As an English and Theater major, I didn’t know what to expect when I saw this video title. But I loved it. I cracked up at the Queen Mab joke. Kudos.

  23. jbreckmckye says:

    Romeo is just obsessed with Petrarchanism, to an absurd degree. He ends up taking typical Petrarchan imagism, adapts it in an OTT way to the signs he receives from Juliet’s ‘dead’ body to turn them into assurances that she can’t be alive- and promptly, of course, makes An Hero of himself.

    Shakespeare gives us a pair of teenagers who take textual sexuality to a silly degree. Why? Well, that’s a whole other matter…

    At any rate, yes, R&J is far from a simple, unreflective ‘love story’.

  24. emegencystartorstop says:

    im glad that old writers at least had a sense of humor like shakespeare did

  25. Uzumaki101Naruto says:

    ROFL. The ending was pure win.

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