POS POS Is Ruining My Life

POS performs “POS Is Ruining My Life” at First Avenue in Minneapolis, Mn on March 26th, 2006. shot and edited by schedule two.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “POS POS Is Ruining My Life”

  1. moose11235 says:

    His voice in this recording is just CUTTING. One of the best rap voices out there

  2. PTSO09 says:

    He had to stop and catch his breath when he did this in flagstaff haha

  3. aisforapathy123 says:

    heard a song of his on warped tour cd, glad i decided to look him up… havent found a song that i dont like

  4. KillerInk1004 says:

    If you like Steph (A.K.A P.O.S) look up Building Better Bombs. Hes the lead singer in that group,Drastic Change

  5. berad51 says:

    so good

  6. oo28359oo says:

    pos is the new generation of slaves!!!

  7. soraya2327 says:

    yoi can’t believe he sampled underoath. =DD this is geniussss

  8. nickfromdtown1992 says:

    met him last night. saw him in denton. one of the best nights of my life. oh my fucking god he is amazing

  9. nickfromdtown1992 says:

    well not only that. he sings about being a millionaire and driving caddys and shit. i dont know anything about that. i know about walking down the street and wanting to scream wake the fuck up. thats why i agree with you 100%. POS feeds your soul

  10. chuckkicksass says:

    i think its hilarious how he says hisself is ruining his life but the song is so badass

  11. QuietEthic says:

    that’s because it is It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door by Underoath being sampled (:

  12. Oddpac87 says:

    It is.

  13. ocyx says:

    love this song

  14. birchiecb says:

    cant get enough of p.o.s so easy to relate. how can you relate to anything someone like 50cent puts out. drug dealing in the 90′s. YEA I DID THAT :P i love anything that comes out of rhymesayers

  15. Hippyslayer101 says:

    Found out about this guy at warped, he’s amazing

    Shitload better than any other rap act there

  16. raiseupforfreedom2 says:

    so so so dope!pos the future

  17. Itsnattatooma says:

    That effect theyre sampling sounds like the one underoath use in It’s Dangerous Business walking out your front door.

  18. smskarlett says:

    Guess you’ll have to wait til 2010!! worth the wait for sure!!

  19. tyrantskater14 says:

    yeee..saw him at the warped tour

  20. drjones087 says:

    Club shows have way better atmosphere.

  21. dirtbiker2424 says:

    i went =D, it was awesome.

    Atmosphere was the shit.

  22. ceolson007 says:

    That is SOO not cool!!

  23. BREAKocean says:

    one of my friends is going. but she won’t take me :(

  24. Faaip0de0oiad says:

    suddenly I’m interested in hip hop, this guy is awesome

  25. ceolson007 says:

    I SO wish I could go to soundset 09 :( !!!

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