POS – “Purexed” live at the Minnesota State Fair

POS performed “Purexed” live on 89.3 The Current at the Minnesota State Fair.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “POS – “Purexed” live at the Minnesota State Fair”

  1. FelatioSucks1 says:

    @401amproduction everyone needs to collaborate with chino or pos lol it would be cool to hear him remix a deftones song or something like that

  2. FelatioSucks1 says:

    @401amproduction everyone needs to collaborate with chino or pos lol

  3. crogger321 says:

    I was at the fair this day and the crowd was really into it, they were just quiet.

  4. 401amproduction says:

    I still think he needs to collaborate with Chino from the Deftones. Man…

  5. BeckIsReallyCool says:


  6. Modacolorist says:


  7. xbeckz0092x says:

    @sidsiosiro maybe cuz his son is right behind him & he doesnt wanna cuss ? idk either way great song !

  8. crogger321 says:

    saw this it made my day made my parents stop so I could listen to it.

  9. swizzabilities says:

    hands steadily purexed by never quite clean
    wow that line has stuck with me, he is incredible

  10. ArbyWanKenobi says:


  11. xxemorawr says:

    ah that’s his son jake in the background! cute c:

  12. bjtomczik says:

    I was there, the crowd was into it, believe you me

  13. whatbrains says:

    God I wish I could have been there in such a small crowd! I would have rallied the crowd with him!

  14. jowey210 says:

    Shit made my day!

  15. sidsigsiro says:

    I can understand not being able to see “fuck” at a carnival, but he can’t say “damn”?. oh yeah, and pos is the best damn rapper in the world

  16. MrShoblang says:

    They must be hearing him for the first time that’s the only possible explanation. How they’re not standing and getting into it is totally beyond me otherwise

  17. KEYSPIN says:

    that’s fucking hard too do infront of a crowd of dead bodys haha

  18. CraigDeanDevine says:

    P.O.S was the best gig ive ever been too. This crowd dont know what there missing.

  19. WhyNotZach says:

    @oxfordkingpin24 hahahahah yeah he went on tour with them

  20. oxfordkingpin24 says:

    kinda sounds like cyne

  21. oxfordkingpin24 says:

    too good, but is he wearing an underoath shirt

  22. chrisfeelsright says:

    His kid’s cute. Gotta love his hair lol

  23. kslay131 says:

    way to step it up and keep hi hop growing minnesota

  24. TheJohnMayor says:

    @chestveeg Shit man that’s what I’ve been saying! I feel like P.O.S. is the most important Minnesota musician since Prince. There is no one like him. He’s so raw and inspiring and every time I see him preform he makes me smile a smile I can’t really control. Just spreads over my whole face.

  25. chestveeg says:

    MN rap sceens is the new New York . Lots of talent coming out of that state. Matter o fact it’s been the shit since Prince.

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