Meal Order Manager in Amicus POS for Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

This demonstration showcases our the Meal Order Manager in Amicus POS in our Restaurant & Cafe Editions. The Meal Order Manager is used to quickly manage currently open meal orders and serves as a quick point of reference to them. The Meal Order Manager can also be used to view historical orders that have been cashed off, this is useful because it enables a manager to see what happened previously, for example if a client complains about an order the day before. The Meal Order Manager is but one of a host of offerings in Amicus POS for managing your restaurant, cafe, bar or other hospitality business. For more information please see our website AmicusPOS is a modular Point of Sale and Business Management System and is suitable for all kinds of businesses in industries like: * Retail * Cafes * Restaurants * Bars / Pubs / Clubs * Supermarkets * Fruit and Vegetable Grocers * Nurseries * Bottleshops / Liquor Stores * Wholesale * Fuel (full pump integration) Amicus POS is the most feature rich, flexible and scaleable point of sale solution on the market, see what Amicus POS can do for your business. Amicus includes features like: * Touchscreen Point of Sale Processing – the most flexible and easy to use available. * Price Management – the most flexible on the market, including multi-buys (buy this, get that), stepped multi-buys (buy any 2 for $ x, 5 for $ y), time-slot pricing (lunch price, dinner price), customer pricing, price

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