Samsung Galaxy Tab – Detailed Overview. with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Check out the site for more videos and testing.

25 Responses to “Samsung Galaxy Tab – Detailed Overview.”

  1. sufi2011 says:

    yes, u can use it as phone, but only in the interntional version (model)

  2. sufi2011 says:

    3:22 lol

  3. B3L3g1t says:

    Hello. I own a 2.1 Samsung Galaxy tab. I have been using it for 1 year. I can download torrents, hook it up to my tv, the batery is 2X of any smart phone. The maps and every other app look dope. Also it fits in any pocket of my clothes. The 1 drawback is NO phonecalls (out of the box that it ;D).

  4. d12981 says:

    I love this tablet

  5. MrElkount says:

    what the fuck

  6. HMGER261088 says:

    could it be used as a phone ??

  7. eucamon499 says:


  8. eucamon499 says:

    The Galaxy Tab 7 (NOT PLUS!) will always come in white whith headsets?

  9. LiviuJETIX says:

    I had this device but the OS android sucks it’s the worse OS the tablet was cool if had windows or windows mobile

  10. 846adil says:

    Any user please tell that can this tablet open and view all .pdf files ? And how we can use it for chatting with my friends who are online on yahoo ,skype and windows live messenger ?
    Plz tell as soon as possible I want to buy it.

  11. TheMasterzabo says:

    thumbs up of you love the accent of british people xD

  12. MrMystri says:

    Wow lovely packaging!!!! Hehehe

  13. greatwhiteshark616 says:

    can you use a 3G card on the wifi version though?

  14. Excelsoft says:

    can it do tv out through 3.5 mm audio port as in Nokia N95 or Galaxy S???

  15. eikcinralliv20 says:

    is this still work without using sim card?

  16. MOTOROLAxoomREVIEWS says:

    huge box then a tiny box inside PASS THE PARCEL

  17. MOTOROLAxoomREVIEWS says:

    fuck sake get to the point (until 1:40 )

  18. tacksomaketh says:

    I want to have this tab….

  19. irishgeoff1 says:

    I just found a very cool mini cell phone jammer.

    google :- yapper zapper phone jammer

  20. azmirreader says:

    what a crappy packaging!! (the mailing packaging,not the device’s)
    Good thing it wasn’t broken.
    on a side note:
    I hate smudges!
    What about them? does it attract a lot?

  21. leouch20 says:

    how can I download youtube videos to galaxy tab someone pls..

  22. onyx187 says:

    Yeah alright I know now, get over it

  23. Firemanfh12351 says:

    can u still use the tablet without a sim card?

  24. udhtari1 says:

    are you blind? didn’t you see him getting the invoice out?

  25. TheAged101 says:

    What is better Ipad 2 or This?

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